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jack witherell


always learning, always teaching

always discovering new technology

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about me

I spend all my time working with computers, teaching people how to use computers, and building hardware and software for mac, windows, linux, android etc.

Pictochat running in a DS emulator alongside a Pictochat Clone I'm writing for Windows PCBs printed for Super NSynth project Computer I salvaged and replaced parts on View of the Arcata Game Jam 2018 that I attended A computer I built for a client Took advantage of having no furniture in our new apartment to get some room-scale VR going Got Yoshi's Island to run on my dad's car's GPS system Spent a day after work trying to resurrect some old macs at a friend's house in East Bay The time when I took apart my Nintendo Wii to repair it and used candles for the sensor bar. Picture of the first computer I built back in 2013
visual brainf**k interpreter that I wrote in Java Another computer I built for a client An audio sampler program that I worked on with a few others at HSU built on Android The pad view of the Android Sampler program Running a stress test on the computer before sending it out Another view of the roomscale vr that we kept going for a good 2-3 weeks The final result of the tupperware computer When I was visiting my parents and only had my server, needed to write games to a cartridge (so I used the usb cable sending data to my cpu liquid cooler because I didn't have the cable with me) Workplace at Wolverton Bailey (during Internship in Santa Rosa) gsync module I bought to install in a monitor I had
Final version of one of the synthesizers I built (1 of 3) Laser-cutting some cases for the open-nsynth project Modded original GameBoy with a GameBoy Camera plugged in Port of my GameBoy Camera code running in Android The end-goal of building my own fightstick A finished fight stick built out of a small cardboard box The Work-In-Progress computer I built out of tupperware on spare parts A computer I helped a friend build a while back One of the work stations with a test bench for hardware gsync module installed in the VG248 monitor I had
Custom Video output working on a midi controller I have (Ableton Push 2) Pixel Art Drawing program I wrote in Java GameBoy Camera Clone running in Java on a PC Video Scaling built into my GameBoy Camera Clone Has a pretty cool transparent bottom to it Internals of the cardboard fightstick Parts I used for my second computer My second computer, built while working at iD Tech Camps Vector art I did while at Wolverton Bailey Opened up mac mini that I was going to install an SSD into



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